Osteoarthritis of the knee: the causes

The causes of osteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis) can be numerous. Apart from the particular case of osteoarthritis occurring in children (juvenile osteoarthritis), with therefore a genetic predisposition, osteoarthritis of the knee is favored by various factors, including more or less significant trauma to repetition (in athletes), a possible malformation, an anatomical disorder in the lower limb ... and of course, aging. Note that there can sometimes be a hereditary factor. But the knees are very busy joints daily, supporting heavy loads both static and dynamic (supporting the weight of the body), explaining the frequency of this important disease.

It is usually after 50-60 years that people complain of pain related to osteoarthritis. Note that osteoarthritis can affect different joints: base of the thumb, hip, neck, lumbar vertebrae ...

Of course, the doctor will make sure that the knee pain is not due to a problem other than osteoarthritis, such as meniscus involvement, inflammatory rheumatism, etc.

In case of osteoarthritis of the knee, there is an attack of the tissues composing the joint and in particular the cartilages, but also the bones, the synovial tissues, the ligaments also are likely to deteriorate, etc. All these phenomena are responsible for joint symptoms, the main ones are pain.

Bursitis or hygroma: k├ęzaco?

You have probably already had bursitis, this inflammation of the serous bursas that protect our joints. Zoom on bursitis in the shoulder, knee or elbow

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