Quit smoking without getting fat when you stop smoking

Quitting smoking is a struggle. But here it is only the beginning, because then, it is necessary to fight against these small surplus kilos which want to take the place of the cigarette ... Nevertheless, it is quite possible to stop smoking without growing up - even by losing weight at the same time!

To quit smoking without getting fat, it is first necessary to make the necessary arrangements so that the weaning is done under the best conditions: nicotine substitutes, hypnosis, medical care ... everyone will find the method that suits him most for stop smoking.

Then, we must find a solution to cope with cravings caused by stopping smoking. Indeed, difficult not to nibble by seeking a gesture of "substitution" to the cigarette. In fact, it may seem surprising, but you must not stop eating! On the contrary, you have to learn how to do it in a healthier and more balanced way! The results will be visible both on the scale that observed daily: cooler complexion, better breath, increased endurance ...

In this article, discover the causes of weight gain at smoking cessation to better understand how to adjust your diet, with plenty of ideas for each of the three main meals of the day and dietary tricks. You will see: with the right tips, it will be easier for you to stop smoking without getting fat!

Read the advice of a nutritionist, who is also a tobacco specialist, and the testimony of Jocelyne, a 45-year-old former smoker, who has been smoking cigarettes for 5 years.

How much are you addicted to tobacco?

The Fagerström test, used by doctors and pharmacists, assesses tobacco dependence. So, are you addicted to tobacco? Take the test to find out!

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Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Dr. Joelle Visier, tobacco expert, nutritionist, scientific director at the French office of prevention of smoking.

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