Stop smoking without getting fat: specialist doctor's advice

Interview with Dr. Joelle Visier, a tobacco expert and nutritionist. This specialist doctor gives advice not to get fat by stopping smoking ...

How not to gain weight when stopping smoking?

First, weaning must be comfortable. It's primordial. Medical care can be considered if you have an anxious temper, or if you have suffered from depression or in case of a particular health problem.

But if you choose to stop alone, and if there is physical dependence on tobacco, it is advisable to take nicotine substitutes in sufficient doses. An insufficiently treated deficiency syndrome is stressful for morale, it maintains agitation, cravings that grow to nibble and often leads to relapse.

Stop smoking and stop eating at the same time, it's hard!

It's not about stopping eating. It's about eating well. To take advantage of this moment of change of life, of this change of habits that is the moment of smoking cessation to adopt a better food hygiene. But to eat better from a dietary point of view is not to deprive oneself. It's just feeding in a more balanced and healthy way. This goes completely in the same logic as stopping smoking.

How to hold on?

We must remember every day the benefits of this change in habits. Remember that we have better complexion, better breath, for example and we fought hard to get out. All these are rewards. And if that's too difficult, you have to get help.

The doctors are there for that as well as the number of Tobacco Info Service (0825 309 310) where a tobaccologist can help you to take stock and consider with you the best strategy and to remind you if you wish to support your step .

Tobacco: Are you sure you know everything?

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