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Angina and sore throat

The sore throat is a huge catch-all ... In reality, the sore throat is a symptom, that is to say a sign of appeal of a disease that is sometimes associated with other signs.

Depending on these different symptoms and the result of possible further examinations, an accurate diagnosis of the disease can be made.

There is more or less intense pain in the throat, tonsils or larynx, sometimes with difficulty swallowing.

A sore throat can have many causes: the first is related to an infectious problem: angina, rhino-pharyngitis, laryngitis ...

Other causes are irritation due to: pollution, smoking, alcohol, gastric reflux, mechanical irritation such as talking too loudly, too long, clearing the throat, allergies, the presence of a benign or malignant tumor ...

In case of persistent sore throat, it is advisable to consult your doctor, he will examine your throat and will do the necessary to relieve you.

Doctors today have a shock weapon: a test for the ß hemolytic streptococcus bacteria, with immediate result. If the test is positive, antibiotics adapted to the microbe will be prescribed. If the test is negative, the patient will have a lighter prescription with symptomatic comfort treatment.

Read this article to find out more about the causes and treatments of sore throats ...

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