Iron deficiency anemia: Treatments

If you have iron deficiency (stage 1 and 2), prefer foods rich in iron: calf's liver, black pudding, shellfish, dark chocolate, or even opt for iron-rich dietary supplements. Know that this treatment in the form of tablets, is often difficult to assimilate and requires several weeks before being effective.

If the origin of the blood loss has been found, it will be necessary to propose a treatment to solve it and to stop it. Blood loss can be of digestive origin (stomach, colon ...), gynecological ...

When we have found the cause, we must at the same time treat it and palliate iron deficiency. For example, if the rules are too abundant, a gynecological treatment is required. If there is a digestive polyp that explains iron deficiency anemia, we must remove this polyp ...

For other cases, how to remedy iron deficiency? An iron-rich diet and oral iron therapy are needed.

For pregnant women who often suffer from a lack of iron, the doctor usually prescribes an iron treatment around the 6th month, as well as a diet rich in iron. This allows a reduction in the risk of iron deficiency anemia and an increase in hemoglobin and ferritin levels.

Very exceptionally, the treatment will be done intravenously in the hospital.
In case of significant iron deficiency anemia, blood transfusions may be necessary. This is the case, for example, during heavy bleeding.

In contrast, the practice of taking iron supplements regularly without medical supervision, is widespread, but is not recommended, if no iron deficiency is identified. This can be dangerous.

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