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Ampoule: The causes

Blisters are small sores without any consequence that discomfort, unless they become infected. They are due to a permanent friction of the skin which causes a detachment of the superficial layers of the epidermis; between the base attached to the deep part and this peeled skin (dead skin) a clear liquid accumulates. The pressure of the liquid causes pain.

If after the formation of the blister it does not stop the friction, that it is not protected with a bandage, the peeled skin can tear, leaving out the transparent liquid and exposing the superficial dermis. This can cause a sensation of severe pain and promote infection of the wound.

There are conditions that can increase the risk of blisters:
> friction caused by new shoes (or shoes that are too small or too big)
> wearing shoes without socks
> heat, humidity and perspiration
> sport can promote the formation of blisters on the soles of the feet or on the toes
> carrying a suitcase or a heavy bag can promote the occurrence of blisters on the palms of hands
> do manual activities using material that rubs against the skin of the hands.

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J. Lacau St Guily et al., Swallowing disorders in adults. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management, Medical-Surgical Encyclopedia, 2006. A. Forster et al. Assessment and Screening for Swallowing Disorders in Geriatrics, NPG Volume 13, Number 74, pages 107-116, April 2013. Authors: Dr. Ada Picard, Joel Ignasse and Dr
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