Alopecia: sources and notes

Author: Camille Ozuru.
Expert consultant: Dr. Philippe Abimelec, dermatologist (//www.abimelec.com/dermatologist.html)


- Dermato- Info: //dermato-info.fr/article/L_alopecie

- Dr. Abimelec's hair loss factsheet

- //www.abimelec.com/chute-of-hair.htm

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- Item 83: Viral Hepatitis. Hepatic biologic abnormalities in an asymptomatic subject, Pilly, College of University of Infectious and Tropical Diseases. - Schedule of vaccinations 2014, Inpes. - C. Buffet, Elevation of transaminases in hepatology, Akos (Medicine Treatise). 2010. - Hepatitis A, Fact Sheet No
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