Alopecia: sources and notes

Author: Camille Ozuru.
Expert consultant: Dr. Philippe Abimelec, dermatologist (//www.abimelec.com/dermatologist.html)


- Dermato- Info: //dermato-info.fr/article/L_alopecie

- Dr. Abimelec's hair loss factsheet

- //www.abimelec.com/chute-of-hair.htm

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If he sees the need, your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy or osteopathy sessions. Acupuncture can also provide good results. Some migraines have origins that may require the intervention of myotherapies (such as the Meziere method which is a rehabilitation aimed at muscle relaxation). Home solutions If you prefer homeopathy, know that the treatment must be prescribed by your homeopath because each migraine is individual and requires appropriate care
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> AFSSAPS, Treatment of acne oral and general, Arguments. > CSA-Pierre Fabre survey on severe acne, out of 10, 000 people, 2012. Pierre Fabre press kit, 2013. > Isotretinoin administered orally: strengthening prescription and dispensing rules, 2002, Ansem.
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