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Lengthening the Penis: Surgical Techniques

To increase the size of a penis, the surgeon has few possibilities, in reality.

The simplest technique is the section of the suspensory ligament of the penis . Indeed, the penis is attached to the pubic bone by a ligament. The section of this ligament allows to leave the penis of the body of a few centimeters. Two or three centimeters, in the best case, one centimeter, most of the time.

It has been found that often a sex that is too small is associated with being overweight in the belly. An aspiration of pubic fat can also help to get sex out of the body.

Other techniques exist to gain circumference. These are transplants. But you should know that if it plays on the appearance of the penis that will be wider at rest, it does not play on its erect length. For fine yards, however, this may be of interest. This is an enlargement surgery . The surgeon incises the penis over its entire length and widens the inner envelope, that of the corpora cavernosa, using a biological patch over the entire length. If the cavernous bodies are large enough to make up the difference, all is well. Otherwise, we end up with a flaccid penis. It's the risk.

Another technique, always to win in circumference: the injection of fat . The surgeon takes fat from the thighs and injects it this time under the skin of the penis. Problem: this sometimes causes nodules, unsightly balls or it can migrate to the glans. Prudence, then.
It is necessary to think well before embarking on a surgery which will have value only aesthetic.
Once again, it will not change the size of the erect sex, nor its lover qualities.

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