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Lengthen the penis

To lengthen the penis ... it is said that men think only of that.
It must be said that since the Egyptians and their cult of sex, the Greeks and their priapic satyrs, or the Romans and their phallic jewels, we had time to make some small complexes in this area! The cloakroom complex, as it is called today.
Many men dream of being able to extend their penis ... Surgical solutions exist ... but for whom?

Beware of scams!

The gentlemen, concerned about the subject (it seems that they are 2 out of 3) know it well, miracle solutions to lengthen the penis, there are dozens on the Internet: the so-called natural methods, the devices to shoot, the Penile extensors, surgical techniques, not always very clear ...

But better to know: gymnastics is useless, the penis is not a muscle. So, no matter what gymnastics are planned, it will not change the size. This may just cause some bruising and other bruising locally, which can lead to real pathologies, such as a bent penis!

Anatomy of the penis

In reality, the penis consists of two cavernous bodies. It also contains the urethra to carry urine. The vas deferens that bring the spermatozoids higher up in the prostate, the urethra is also used at the time of ejaculation to convey sperm.
With regard to erection, two kinds of erectile bodies: the cavernous body and the spongy body. They have the structure of a sponge. They fill up with blood during erection, swell and stretch until their envelope can no longer be stretched.

To really lengthen a penis, it should be able to cut it in half, in width, as you slice a sausage, spread the 2 pieces, add fabrics in the middle and sew. It is not possible for the moment. Of course, one must not cut nerves, which are not necessarily extensible.

However, surgical techniques exist. But they are only for certain cases.

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