Allergies: sensitivity tests

The diagnosis of allergy is not as obvious as it seems. All allergies are not as easy to detect as classic hay fever, especially in young children. That's why it is better to consult a specialist, an allergist doctor.

To identify an allergy, the allergist has a battery of skin and blood tests that will help him to make an accurate diagnosis.

The best known method for identifying allergenic substances is the skin test (prick test) that can be performed in the first months of life; they show the degree of sensitization to an allergen.

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Skin tests are the basis of the diagnosis of an allergy. The principle is simple: put the suspected allergens in contact with the skin of the patient and then interpret the reaction.

To complete these investigations, blood tests can quantify the cells linked to the allergic response. Finally, other provocative or reintroduction examinations may also be performed.

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