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Allergies: home solutions

Allergies and the problems they generate can become a real source of disability, sometimes even anxiety. Homeopathy can help treat the allergy and relieve its symptoms.

Although in the spring this type of disease is more common (for pollen allergic), the allergy can also occur throughout the year for many people. It is not always easy to know how to relieve hay fever or conjunctivitis. A worrying fact: more and more people develop an allergy, and sometimes from a very early age (atopic dermatitis).

Some people turn to homeopathy to treat their allergy. Here's all you need to know about these medications and their indications.

In this file in addition to the advice of a homeopathic doctor, homeopathic solutions are given in case of allergy of the skin: related to the sun, or in case of eczema, or hives. But also treatments against conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, or asthma.

Caution, some allergic reactions can be very serious and lead to major symptoms for the patient.

Caution: If you are taking a conventional (allopathic) treatment for your allergy problem, do not stop this treatment yourself, or change it yourself, with a homeopathy treatment. Always talk to a doctor before considering such an approach.

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Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Dr. Bernard Chemouny, homeopathic doctor.
Last updated: April 2014.

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