Allergy to the sun: treatments

Solar allergy treatments will depend on the type of allergic reaction to sun exposure.

1 - Treatment of benign summer lucite and polymorphous lucite.

Once the allergic reaction has appeared, and the vesicles are already there, to relieve the itching we can intervene with creams cortisone (corticosteroids) and antihistamines drugs. During the course of treatment, it is obviously necessary to stay away from the sun.

To prevent summer lucite, we can act upstream of solar exposure.
The first prevention to avoid the risks of developing this form of solar allergy is to limit solar exposure, or at least make very gradual exposures, to allow the skin to get used to the sun and develop its natural defenses.
It is also necessary to apply a high sunscreen before exposure (sunscreen with protection factor 50), renewing the applications every two hours, avoiding the times of the day when the solar irradiation is the strongest (12h -16h).

Apart from these general rules valid for everyone, if we have already had episodes of benign summer lucitis, there are preventive treatments that can be taken upstream to prevent new allergy attacks.
As a first-line treatment, two types of drugs are prescribed: PP-vitamin drugs and antioxidants (or carotenoids), drugs with photoprotective action.

Synthetic antimalarial drugs are also effective against summer lucite, but they can have side effects and can be taken for short periods. They will therefore be prescribed as a last resort, if you can not get results with antioxidants and vitamin PP.

In cases of severe lucitis, if all these drugs have no positive effects, we can use phototherapy. The patient will then be exposed to medical UV to set up a species of desensitization to the sun. The skin is gradually exposed to UV light to allow it to become more sun-tolerant.

Patients who have had benign summer lucitis episodes should always have a prescription to quickly obtain anti-allergic medications and corticosteroid creams in the event of a seizure.
The preventive and curative treatments for polymorphic lucite are the same as for benign summer lucite, except for phototherapy, which is ineffective for this type of solar allergy.

2 - Treatment of solar urticaria.

In case of severe sun urticaria, we intervene with antihistamines, but it is the sun protection the best way to prevent it, as well as to avoid any exposure in the hottest hours of the day.

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