Cat allergy: the causes

The cause of cat allergy is an inappropriate immunological reaction to a substance present in the secretions of cats. The body develops a defense reaction against this element that it considers to be an enemy by producing antibodies.

The major allergen causing cat allergy does not come directly from the cat's hair: it is actually the Fel d1 protein, a pheromone contained in saliva and secretions of the cat.

However, we also find this allergen in the hair because the cat licks regularly. The allergen can quickly be found throughout the house, with the hair left by the passage of the cat.

Hormone glands allergens can also be found in the cat's urine ... but Fel d1 protein is responsible for 90% of the symptoms of cat allergy.

Researchers have tried to obtain genetically modified cats that would be non-allergenic, but it never worked!

You should know that, unlike dogs, all breeds of cats are very allergenic because Fel D1 is present in all cats. A hairless cat, like the sphynx, will not be less allergenic than a cat with long hair.

As we explain later, the symptoms of a cat allergy are quite simple to identify ...

Test: What is your risk of being allergic?

Individual allergic risk depends on many factors. Take our test and discover your personal risk of allergies. Just answer a few questions!

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