Slimming foods

The slimming foods are of course those that we seek to privilege when we have a few pounds to lose. The choice of these foods "to lose weight" will be according to specific rules first related to the calories they bring.

So, if you want to start a slimming program, we will obviously favor a proper diet ... But what does that mean? It must be said that in this area, many ideas are circulating. And it must be recognized that scientific nutritional data have evolved considerably in recent years.

Define slimming foods

We can define slimming foods by referring, first, to their caloric intake, giving priority to those who bring the least calories (number of calories per 100 g). We will therefore especially prefer foods with little fat, and not too sweet: vegetables, fish, meat low fat ...

But beware, it would be a very serious nutritional mistake to stop at this one purely "caloric" concept!

Because to eat only foods with very low caloric intake ... we would ultimately all the time hungry! At the same time, a high caloric food is not necessarily satiating, just as a low calorie food can quite have a satiating effect. The famous package of chips that can be eaten without problems in full, without being "satiated", does it tell you something?

Moreover, besides the criterion of the caloric density, many other parameters intervene if one wishes to lose weight. In this area, everything is not limited to an accounting analysis of dietary calories that we eat. Because to stay healthy, our body needs some nutrients that are not necessarily found in foods that are good for losing weight ...

But before you present these essential nutrients, here are some foods that you can leave without regret, since they bring only calories, without presenting an appreciable nutritional value ...

In search of good foods to lose weight? To begin, find here caloric foods to avoid!

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