Low potassium diet: notes and sources

WHO online information: New WHO guidance on salt and potassium in food

Michel Olmer: Living with kidney disease. 4th edition. Published by LIEN Association
(Liaison Information in Nephrology)

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Rev. Med. Liege, 2005; 60: 4, 222-226.

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Okinawa Diet: The 10 Principles of Okinawa Diet - Nutrition

Okinawa Diet: The 10 Principles of Okinawa Diet

"The big problem of our diet is basically this: it is not adapted to our needs, does not take into account our lack of physical activity, our lifestyle" explain Anne Dufour and Laurence Wittner in their book The Okinawa Diet (Ed LeducS). The people of Okinawa - the older generations at least - have been able to preserve a diet that is adapted to their way of life and their activities, while being able to draw on the riches of nature
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Vitamin B8 or biotin - Nutrition

Vitamin B8 or biotin

Vitamin B8, also called biotin (or vitamin H), plays an important role in healthy skin, nails and hair. Moreover, this vitamin is present in many food supplements indicated for "toning" skin and integuments. What is Vitamin B8 for? From a chemical point of view, this vitamin is a co-enzyme that acts in the functioning of many cells
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Chrome - Nutrition


Chromium is a trace element that is not well known and is involved in different metabolisms of the body. It acts in particular in the regulation of the sugar level in the body. What is it used for ? This trace element participates mainly in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids. Chromium would improve insulin efficiency and therefore help regulate blood sugar levels
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The egg and its nutritional values - Nutrition

The egg and its nutritional values

The egg is easy and fast to cook, and so often use today. France produces 15.6 billion eggs a year, and the French consume about 260 eggs a year per inhabitant! In addition to the pleasure of taste, discover the nutritional treasures that the egg hides under its shell ... Its quality in proteins The proteins of the egg are of high nutritional value, that is to say that they supply all the essential amino acids in ideal proportions
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