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Algotherapy: different types of application

Used in seaweed, seaweed, harvested from the seabed, is cryobrilled, then mixed with seawater in a dosage prescribed by the doctor. The mode of application differs according to the desired effect.

When wrapped, the whole body is coated with warm algae and then covered with a warm blanket to maintain heat. This treatment accelerates blood circulation, helps eliminate toxins and relaxes muscles. It also allows you to fill up with trace elements.

This application can be only local: on the back or on painful areas such as joints, for a targeted analgesic effect.

The sea balls, which consist of immersing the hands in a warm seaweed mud, relieve pain and improve the flexibility of the joints.

Algae can also be used in baths: seawater is enriched with finely ground algae. The body is thus full of trace elements, stimulated by the bubbling that accelerates biochemical exchanges.

Finally in cryotherapy, algae, associated with plants with circulatory virtues, are applied cold. Result: the blood vessels are tightened, the circulation activated.

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