Algodystrophy: treatments

There is still no coded treatment for RSDS because the true cause of this condition is not known. Treatments differ depending on the stage of development of RSDS.

Better to be warned: it can be long, difficult and sometimes disappointing but you have to persevere, do not get discouraged. Be that as it may, it is necessary to wait for long months before concluding to any definitive sequels.

The treatment generally associates:

  • medication,
  • rehabilitation exercises (physiotherapy) and physiotherapy, hydrotherapy.

This reeducation should not be too brutal. Aggressive rehabilitation may indeed be counterproductive and generate or maintain a period of dystrophy.


It is first and foremost a standard treatment for pain: analgesic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and sometimes even morphine.

Intra-muscular or subcutaneous injections of calcitonin (a hormone therapy that acts on bone metabolism) previously prescribed, are no longer used.

The rheumatologist

In the case of the most rebellious algodystrophies, one can be directed to a rheumatology center for a more important care.

Among the various treatments, a series of injections in a vein is sometimes performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist (we speak of intravenous regional block or sympathetic block). This method, which is still being studied, can lead to interesting results.

The alternative medicines

Homeopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture are also sometimes used.


A functional rehabilitation is undertaken in a second time. Its purpose is to maintain the flexibility of the joints, to limit the pain and to avoid articular stiffness.

There are several ways, including "Scottish" baths (alternating hot and cold) especially in the "hot" phase of the disease, but also massage, occupational therapy.

To take in case of influenza
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