Algodystrophy: foot

Foot pain syndrome, also called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (or formerly known as Sudeck-Leriche Syndrome by the names of the doctors who have described this pathology) is also quite common.

Foot reflex can occur several days to several weeks after a sprain or fracture. But sometimes after an operation of the foot, as for example after an intervention for a hallux valgus.

Other times, the cause is not really identifiable, even if certain diseases or health problems can promote the occurrence of a foot alogdystrophy: diabetes, phlebitis ... a depression.


The first signs of a foot or ankle dystrophy may, for example, appear when the plaster is removed.

  • Edema occurs on the back of the foot, and at the ankle.
  • The skin can be blue, flowing, and warm.

The complex regional pain syndrome of the foot is usually manifested first by inflammatory signs, then after a few weeks by trophic signs (white skin, waxy).

Because of the pain, the person limps, but the pain is often as spontaneous and throbbing.

The symptoms can extend to the entire leg, especially the knee, to the hip. This can sometimes cause difficulties for the doctor to make a diagnosis, especially when cutaneous and trophic manifestations are not present.

The signs may develop with joint stiffness in the foot, ankle and toes, further impeding walking.

X-rays or even bone scans may be performed. In this case, one can usually observe rather typical signs of the disease.

The treatments (read further) of a foot pain disorder consist firstly of taking analgesic drugs, but also of performing functional rehabilitation sessions, with massages, balneotherapy (especially in the "hot" phase).

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