Algodystrophy: knee

ALS is not the most common location of this disease. Also known as complex regional pain syndrome, RSD may occur following an operation (such as arthroscopy, surgery on a meniscus or a cruciate ligament ...) or following trauma.

At other times, knee replacement surgery occurs spontaneously, favored by a disease such as diabetes, heart problems ...

The manifestations of knee dystrophy are:

  • knee pain
  • the knee becomes red,
  • the skin is hot
  • sometimes sweat ...

The pain is most often continuous, but often exacerbates by mobilizing the joint. At first, the doctor may rightly think of arthritis (inflammatory or infectious).

The reasons for a knee pain can be very numerous, which explains why it is not always easy for the doctor to quickly establish the diagnosis of RSDS.

In some forms of knee replacement, the joint may sometimes be filled with fluid. The joint is less solicited. It may result in amyotrophy of the quadriceps muscle on the top of the thigh.

The blood test is normal, does not show any inflammatory syndrome. Radiographs show abnormalities of the bone structure, with tiny holes visible on the bone, demineralization. A scintigraphy can also be requested. Sometimes an MRI.

The best is to be able to make the diagnosis of knee replacement at an early stage to start the treatment that starts with analgesic medication prescribed by the doctor. These will allow to start a functional rehabilitation with physiotherapy exercises to keep maximum joint flexibility with good amplitudes, and to avoid phenomena of joint retractions.

Despite these treatments, the patient is still quite genious. The support helps prevent things from getting worse. And most of the time, everything comes back in order after a few months.

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