Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Stomatology
active ingredients: Dexamethasone, Phenol, Guaiacol
laboratory: Ato Zizine

Solution for dental use
Bottle (+ applicator) of 13 ml
All forms


Antisepsis of root canals before filling

Dosage ALDYZINE Solution for dental use Bottle (+ applicator) of 13 ml

Strict local use

Before using this product, it is advisable to perform root trimming or to clear the channels of any debris.

The product is used on a cotton pellet or on a paper pinch, impregnated with solution, which are then placed respectively in the pulp chamber or in the canal.

The whole is covered with a temporary cement waterproof and non-compressive.

3 to 5 days later, the dressing is removed; the treatment can be renewed if necessary and after performing a new root trimming.

After removing the dressing, proceed to a root canal bore followed by a final filling.

Against indications

Allergy to phenols or corticosteroids.

Aldyzine side effects

Risk of allergy.

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