Alcohol and young people: The risks

These excessive consumption of alcohol expose young people to very mobreux risks, in particular to accidents sometimes major. They are therefore likely to be responsible and / or victims:

> Violence,

> Unprotected and / or unwanted sex,

> Of road accidents,

> To put oneself in danger and endanger others,

> Of an ethyl coma that risks being fatal without rapid assistance.

Alcohol: addict or not?

When alcohol consumption becomes excessive, it can become a real addiction. And you, are you addicted alcohol? Take the test to find out!

Our advices

> Dialogue is probably the best way to go. Inform the young person or teen about the risks of alcohol without being too judgmental.

> If you have children or even young teens, avoid offering them a glass of alcohol at the table or at special events. Give yourself a good example.

> If you think your child is drinking regularly, talk about it separately without quoting it directly, but talking about young people in general. If you have the opportunity, rely on current events.

> Make them especially aware that between "drink or drive, you have to choose! ". In France, one in three road accidents is due to alcohol, and 15-24 year olds alone account for 28% of those killed on the road.

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? See you in our FORUMS Alcohol and Addictions, Nutrition or A doctor answers you !

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Sources and notes: Communiqué "Drinking too much: extreme" sensations ", Inpes and Ministry of Youth and Sports, July 2008.

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