Addiction to sex: treatments

Treatments for sex addiction are multimodal. They focus on the subject, the sex, the addiction, the couple and the associated problems.

Among these treatments, cognitive and behavioral therapy is a priority. It helps to find pleasure, differently, to have fun, to work on the management of time, control. But also to face the irrepressible desires of sex, to avoid them and to find alternative strategies, to develop leisure activities to reduce loneliness for example, to learn to explore, treat and solve difficulties otherwise, etc.

We must also work on reducing risky sexual behavior.

At the sexual level, different points need to be addressed such as clarifying the practice of masturbation, fantasies, and sexually explicit material. The therapist must help the sex addict to reduce the feeling of shame and guilt associated with these practices. Then, it is important to accompany the individual to a positive sexuality including sensuality, the integration of limits and sexual skills to give and have fun. One can also, during the therapy, insist on the knowledge of the intimacy and the management of this one.

Couple therapy is most often needed. Once stabilized in terms of addictive sexual symptoms, a psychoanalysis can be considered to explore the problems of substance.

Pharmacological treatments, including serotonergic antidepressants (off-label) to reduce sexual compulsion, may be considered if CBT is insufficient. It is also necessary to treat the associated physical and / or mental health problems. Finally, self-help groups like Affective and Sexual Anonymous (DASA) are a necessary additional asset.

To see: the treatments of a sex addiction

How to get out of a sex addiction? Who to consult? Which therapy to undertake? Dr. William Lowenstein, addictologist, explains the different treatments of a sex addiction ...

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