Addiction to sex: the causes

The causes of sex addiction are diverse and are similar to those of addictions.

Both psychological, environmental and neurobiological, addiction to sex is multifactorial. As for the triggering causes of addictive sexual behavior, they are multiple and depend on each person. However, the symptomatic cycle of the sex addict is quite stereotyped. Any event can trigger the addictive cycle: joy, euphoria, sadness, anxiety, annoyance, a moment of reward. A sensation of internal pressure is then felt inside oneself. We want to ... And we do not see other issues that acion. This is called acting out.

The sex addict performs an action instead of resisting or controlling his impulses. Beyond the social rules and in different forms, it may seem to control the situation. Which is obviously only an impression ...

The sex addict surfs on porn tubes, dating sites, specialized sites, downloads on the internet, watches streaming X movie clips, moves from one image to another until reaching something ultimate. There are also webcams, or places where sex is unlimited. This phase of action is time consuming (hours to search, chat, flirt.). It can be a source of spending money too! The period between the triggering factor and the acting out can last many hours. The next step is the passage to the sexual act, namely to enjoy, to ejaculate. This moment is not the most appreciated by the sex addict because there is very often a symptomatic triad associating guilt, shame, and despair.

Sex, as such, is really no longer a pleasure! The cycle ends with a more or less variable resolving phase in time (a few minutes, hours or even days) until the next triggering factor.

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