Sex addiction

Addiction to sex is a real disease, sometimes valued, sometimes ridiculed. The fact remains that being a sex addict causes suffering for oneself and for those around you. Dr. Larent Karila, psychiatrist addictologist and spokesperson for SOS addictions, clearly describes this particular disease.

Addiction to sex causes real psychological suffering and can lead to sad consequences: job problem (miss a presidency of the republic for example!), Couple concerns, and of course sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

There are different types of sex addicts. The most common reasons for counseling are compulsive masturbation and online sexuality including pornographic cyberdependence. But it's not just that. Porn Tubes, streaming, webcams, sex games on the internet, escorts on dating sites or classifieds, clubs, partners of a geolocated evening, orgies, sex dates. The means used by sex addicts are now numerous. A real Sex Menu (virtual or real) for immediate gratification!

Although sex addiction or "hypersexual disorder" is not included in the World Health Organization (ICD-10) and the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-5) classifications, patients and Patients present themselves in consultation to free themselves from these excessive sexual behaviors, uncontrollable, time-consuming.

There are no figures for sex addiction. The available North American and New Zealand studies focus mainly on compulsive sexual behavior: 3 to 6% of the population would be affected! Which is not nothing.

What to see: What is sex addiction?

In this video interview, Dr. William Lowenstein, addictologist, gives the definition of an addiction, and in particular of addiction to sex. It details the reasons and the different forms of this dependence.

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Author : Dr. Laurent Karila, psychiatrist and addictologist, spokesperson for SOS addictions.

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