Acne: the causes

The main cause of acne is inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicles (structure of the skin that produces the hair).

Normally, these follicles secrete sebum, a fatty substance that protects the skin.

At puberty, the hormones wake up. The boy, like the girl, will produce male hormones (androgens) in large quantities.

The quantity of sebum then increases under the influence of these hormonal causes. These give the skin a greasy and shiny appearance. This production of sebum is a prerequisite for the constitution of acne.

Sometimes the follicle gets clogged, sebum then accumulates in the follicle duct to form a comedone, otherwise known as "blackheads". The causes of blackheads are not precisely known.

Inside the gland, blocked sebum can be infected by a bacterium, normally present on our skin (propionibacterium acnes), which triggers an inflammatory reaction: it is the red button.

In summary, the causes of sebum production are hormonal, and those of pimples are rather inflammatory. Environmental causes can be incriminated, such as air pollution, a diet rich in toxins, etc.

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