Adult acne: the causes

Stop the received ideas! Acne in a young or adult corresponds to the level of skin inflammation of a sebaceous gland. Soft drinks, fat and dairy products would not have a significant influence on acne. Sex also has no impact on the onset of acne. Other causes are causing adult acne.

Among the factors that can promote acne:

  • Cosmetics Some are too aggressive or too fat, and can promote the occurrence of acne lesions.
  • The stress,
  • Lack of sleep,
  • Genetic predispositions,
  • The sun: be careful because it aggravates acne problems! In addition, some anti-acne drugs are photo-sensitizing, so avoid the sun if you take it.

The consequences of acne
Acne has an impact on the social and professional domains: withdrawal, isolation, suffering, mockery, self-image disorder ...
Acne sufferers may suffer more anxiety, and even have more suicidal thoughts than those who do not have acne. Depressive symptoms are higher in acne patients.

It is therefore important to treat acne as a teenager or adult, to improve the social embarrassment related to the lesions it causes on the skin. It is a pathology not to be minimized.

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