Dental abscess: sources and notes

Author: Nathalie Mathieu.

Expert Consultant: Dr. Maurice Commandeur, Dentist.


Infectious complications of dental and periodontal diseases in the elderly population. Clin Infect Dis, 34, 2002.

Peciuliene V et al., Investigates an antimicrobial agent used for infective endocarditis prophylaxis by UK dentist, British Dent. J Volume 199 (2005) Issue 1 - 9 July, 2005.

ADF website, 2014.

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Otitis often affects children. It is usually painful and can occur at the same time as rhinitis or pharyngitis (or as a result). It can also occur later in adults. In fact, different parts of the ear may be affected by otitis. Inside the ear , there are several compartments; those which interest us here are the external auditory canal and the middle ear; they are separated by a membrane called the tympanum
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Kidney disease: treatments

The treatments depend on the stage of the kidney disease. First, treat high blood pressure when there is one. Then, avoid tobacco and adapt the diet to the possibilities of elimination of the kidney: Protein intake (meat, animal protein, fish, eggs and also protein in bread and pasta) should be restricted depending on the degree of kidney failure
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Hydramnios: the causes

The hydramnios may be due to too much manufacture of liquid, or a lack of resorption by the fetus. Very often, there is no specific cause for the occurrence of a hydramnios. However, some contributing factors are now well known. Thus, during pregnancy, a hydramnios can be caused by: Diabetes in pregnant women (gestational diabetes) A fetal malformation
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Liver diseases: treatments

Treatments for liver disease will of course depend on its cause. In case of cirrhosis for example, the treatment is primarily symptomatic. It will consist first of all in stopping alcohol consumption, but also in treating any other problems related to this cirrhosis, such as esophageal varices, or ascites (liquid in the peritoneum) treated - among other things - by a diuretic medication
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