10 tips to avoid fattening during the holidays! : approach the holidays without stress

The rules for eating without stress - and without extra pounds - during the holidays:

1 - We set limits

If you forget your diet for a few hours, you still make sure you do not become completely amnesic ... The body is able to manage a one-off difference, but it could, however, not cope with a farandole of Eve and other celebration meal. So we allow ourselves a little extra, but we do not chain the festivities over several days, because these excesses could quickly weigh heavily on the scales.

The nutritionist's advice:
" Having fun at Christmas, even when you're on a diet, it's important. We can quite a good meal on 25 or 31 without feeling too guilty. However, we do not bridge from December 24 to January 1! To make the Eve on the 24th, to start again the next day, at noon, the evening, the day after to finish the remains, and again the 31 ... no! We choose one or two meals, we enjoy, and we keep his good eating habits the rest of the time. "

2 - Reasonable quantities are foreseen

For these occasions, we put the dishes in the big, we cook differently, more sophisticated, richer ... short we invite the gastronomy to his table. But if we talk about feasting, be careful not to pour into the riot of food. We do a little more, ok, but not enough to live on the remains for 8 days!
The nutritionist's advice:
" The holiday problem is that we tend to make them last because there are always leftovers to finish. The idea, quite simply, is perhaps to shop accordingly: one anticipates what one needs, no more. It avoids ending up with too much food, because eating the leftovers for several days, in the end, that's what makes you fat. Not to mention that you risk getting sick: an organization that is used to a balanced diet could react badly to all these excesses ... "

3 - We have a light hand on the petits fours

This is THE trap to avoid. Because they have a festive air, we feel light pecking (and also because we are hungry at the time of the appetizer!), Petits fours, canapés and other snacks are always a temptation that is hard to resist. But do not be fooled by their small size: they look like nothing, they are very fat, and therefore very caloric.

The nutritionist's advice:
" Without going into pure dietetics, 4 small ovens equivalent to a tablespoon of oil ... So the best is perhaps not to insist too much on the aperitif. Here you can easily remove unnecessary calories. We can also offer mini fruit skewers for example, or small cubes of vegetables, it is lighter and just as colorful. "

4 - We drink a little ... but not too much

During a diet, we pay attention to what we eat of course, but often also to what we drink, because alcohol, from a dietary point of view, is a real calorie trap. So during the holidays, we are happy to agree, but reasonably.

The nutritionist's advice:
" Alcohol is very caloric, it's true, and it also promotes the passage of fat in the body. When you want to lose weight, it's not really what you're looking for ... So, of course, there's no question of depriving yourself of a glass of champagne or a glass of good wine on the day of Eve. On the other hand, one can avoid drinking on an empty stomach, which will also limit the desire to nibble to compensate. "

5 - We do not forbid anything ...

To think that we will have to make choices, that we will not be able to eat everything, is already, before having started, to put in a situation of frustration. So rather than ogle the foie gras saying "it's not good", take a slice and enjoy!

The nutritionist's advice:
" At Christmas, perhaps even more than other days, we cultivate the conviviality and pleasure of the table. We are also here to spend a pleasant time with family, or friends, so if you want to eat foie gras, and we do it with pleasure! Time is not for deprivation or frustration. And that's not really going to weigh on the scales. "

... or almost

Eating should not become a source of anxiety. But if really, your conscience titillates you, make choices: if there are several entries, choose the one that makes you the most pleasure. For dessert, close your eyes to the cheeses and crack for a part of the log, a real one. In a nutshell: eat a little less but enjoy every bite!

The nutritionist's advice:
" If you receive, there is always a way to adapt the menu a little so that it is not too fat. And then at Christmas, we often plan dishes based on seafood or fish. It is difficult to make lighter. Similarly for poultry, they are lean meats. The trap may be the stuffing or the sauce, but then it is enough to use moderately. "

In pictures: caloric foods to avoid

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