Not everyone is a great baker, some people are unable to bake cakes, cookies and other delicious things, without something going wrong. When I bake, the goods usually come out of the oven ok, sometimes a little burnt, but otherwise alright. I’ve been baking for a good number of years now, and I can safely say I’ve had a lot of practice.

Now I would like to give yo a few tips as to how you can improve your baking skills. Please bear in mind that these tips are simply things I have picked up along the way, and you may find that baking in a different way, or using different methods works for you.

Always follow the instructions

This is one of the best things that you can do when you’re just starting out. The instructions are there to help you get things right. Assume that the person who wrote the instructions knows what they are talking about, and make sure you follow them carefully

Don’t substitute ingredients unless you know they’re ok

Don’t make the mistake of just assuming that it’s ok to substitute one ingredient for another, it may not be. If you don’t have the ingredients you need, go out and buy them, or look online and see what can be used. If it looks like you cannot use anything else, or you don’t have a suitable replacement, then look for something else to cook.

Get a kitchen timer that you can hear

It’s so easy for you to walk away from what you have in the oven, assuming that in 10 minutes you’ll have a look and see how things are getting on. If you’re one to get distracted, then please make sure you set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes, and that you place it somewhere in your house, where it can be heard. Doing this will help to make sure that you don’t end up burning something you’ve taken a lot of time to bake.

Get advice from other people

Find out what other people do to ensure their baked good turn out ok. Give people a taste of what you have baked, and welcome feedback. Give some to your friend, give them to Lawyer Lodi, CA, your favorite grocer, or whoever. Get advice from them about your baked goods, and see what techniques they use.


No-one is going to become a great baker overnight. Even the worlds’ most famous bakers have to practice. Bake when you know you have the time, and note what went wrong, and what worked. Practice baking a wide variety of things, and make sure that you get advice should you need any. The more baking you do, the better you will get.

Baking can be a lot of fun, so please make sure that you enjoy it, and you find some delicious recipes that you can spoil yourself, your family, and your friends with.

Let’s face it, we all eat a little too much during the festive season. It seems that we all want to buy and eat as much food as we possibly can. We’re told by manufacturers and shops that we need a lot of food over the Christmas holidays, when in actual fact, we don’t. Sure, we want to have a godo time, but this doesn’t mean we have to keep filling our bellies.

Here’s how you can avoid eating too much during the festive season:

If you ate that way all the time, you’d put on a lot of weight

This is something you need to think about when you’re reaching for yet another mince pie. If you plan on celebrating Christmas for more than a few days, then watch what you eat.

If you’re not hungry, don’t eat

This is a good way to say “No” to another 5 biscuits, a slither of Christmas pudding, and yet more turkey. If you’re not hungry, your body isn’t asking for more food as yet. Think about how you feel, and if you don’t feel hungry, don’t eat anything until you are.

Think about how much exercise you’ll need to do to burn off the calories

Trust me, it will take a lot more exercise than you realise to burn off that extra mince pie. This is especially the case if you sit at a desk like Web designers, writers, secretaries and other office workers do. Imagine how hard it will be to burn all the calories off, and use this as a means of cutting down on the amount of food you eat.

Don’t buy a lot of food in, if you’re scared you’re going to eat it

This is a sure-fire way to save yourself the guilt that comes with eating too much. Last year, my much beloved and I bought some chocolate in that we could enjoy over the 2 week festivities. Unfortunately, and probably quite predictably, it didn’t last that long. This year, we haven’t bought any chocolate, and probably won’t until Christmas Eve.

If you plan to lose weight in the New Year, be careful now

I know that you may plan to lose weight in the New Year, but why not make a start now? If you make a start now, you won’t have as much to lose when January comes around.

There are some good ways to help you avoid eating too much during the festive season, so make sure you bear them in mind when you reach for yet another mouthful.

The quality of Jewish food is crucial to any Jew. An observant Jew takes considerable interest in the quality of food that he consumes every day. To this end, he would like to know that the food presented on the table for his consumption is kosher. Normally, preparing such food is a tough task. Therefore, the best way to gain the knowledge, expertise and experience to prepare such meals is by obtaining Kosher certification.

Quality of food is not just a concern among observant Jews. Everybody expects to eat high quality food all the time. If the food is kosher certified, what this means is that it complies with strict policies regarding quality, purity and cleanliness. To this end, such food will do nothing other than enhance your health, ensure that you have a full stomach, and enable you to feel good about the choices you are making to improve your quality of life.

Kosher certification starts with excellent food preparation, but does not end there. The certification requires adherence to a strict set of biblical laws relating to the types of foods that an observant Jew should be consuming. The certification also requires adhering to the measures that you must take to prepare the foods in specific ways. Kosher compliance is the first step to the certification and includes selecting the right ingredients for the food you wish to prepare.

Kosher certification mostly has to do with the foods that fall in any of the following categories:

a. Meat

This category refers to meat and fowl. It also includes the byproducts of meat and fowl such as gravy, soup and bones. The meat that belongs to this category has to be from animals that chew cud and possess split hooves. Meat from goats, sheep and cows is kosher. Meat from fox, rabbits and kangaroos are not kosher. A skilled shochet must examine the precise slaughter of animals and fowl to produce kosher meat.

b. Dairy

Foods that contain milk or are from milk belong to this category of kosher foods. For this reason, getting kosher certification requires knowledge regarding all types of cheese, yogurt, butter and milk. The dairy products must be from kosher animals. The ingredients used to prepare such foods must not only be kosher but also free from all forms of meat derivatives. The production, processing, and packaging of the dairy foods must be on kosher equipment.

c. Pareve

This category refers to foods that fall in neither dairy nor meat categories. This category contains items such as snacks, candies, tea, coffee, soft drinks, pasta, unprocessed juices, grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and eggs. Any food that has additives will lose its kosher or pareve status. A blood-spotted egg is not kosher. Larvae or small insects infested grains, vegetables and fruits are not kosher.

Therefore, kosher certification is crucial considering the quantity and quality of knowledge it produces in terms of choosing and preparing the right kind of kosher-certified foods. With such certification, there would be no need for worrying about the quality of food that one prepares. The cleanliness, purity and quality of food that a person or diner with kosher certification prepares or cooks is not in doubt.